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Why Do You Sell Animal Products? is a family-run organization, operated by parents and long-term activists for healthy living, which we believe can come in many forms. 

Animal products are certainly not for everyone. In our opinion, however, they are important products to offer. Throughout history, these products have been undeniably used to save and change people’s state of health, which, in our opinion, is something to strongly consider.  
Spiritually and fundamentally, not everyone feels it is okay to consume a product that comes from an animal. This choice is a very personal one we believe each individual has the right to make. We sell only a few animal products and they are all products we have fully investigated as coming from cruelty-free environments.

Longevity Warehouse does not have its own brand of Ghee, but we do carry another company's brand. We have selected a company where their cows are pasture-raised and organic. The beautiful hillsides of Northern California provide a rich flora of sweet grasses, where they roam and graze. During the winter, the cows stay in an open-sided barn with large, open stalls fitted with cushioned cow mats plus natural bedding.
We do not have our own brand of deer antler, but we do carry another company’s brand. We have selected a company that has the most ethical standards possible in deer antler harvesting. 
In Chinese Medicine, Deer Antler is considered to be an herb. Chinese herbalism doesn’t distinguish plant spirits from animal spirits and there is a deep reverence for the gift of consuming the herb – whether it be plant or animal. Deer are one of the most sacred animals in Chinese herbalism, so great care and respect go into the process of harvesting deer antler. There are some companies out there that do have very cruel and painful ways of collecting deer antler, but we do not do business with those companies.
We understand that not everyone will want to consume any animal products, but the years of medicinal history surrounding these products make them ones we feel important enough to continue to offer.
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