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Do Earthing Products Have Built-in Resistors That Protect Against Electrical Shock In The Event Of a Shortage?

Earthing products are designed with built-in user safety. The product ground cords are designed to provide a safe soft ground utilizing a built-in (molded in) in-line current limiting 100kohm resistor.

In the event that a short develops in an electrical device that a person is in contact with while grounded, the built-in resistor limits the current flow to a safe level.

The accepted safe current limit of 5-8mA is defined as “sensation of shock not painful; individuals can let go at will.” The human body threshold of sensation is 1mA.

The electrical calculation is current=volts/resistance (I=V/R). R = Rresistor + Rbody. Typical body resistance is 10k when wet and much higher when dry.

However, to be conservative, using Rbody=0, Rres=100kohm, V=130volts; then maximum current I=130volts/100,000ohm=1.3mA; well below the accepted safety limit of 5-8mA and most likely barely perceptible.

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