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I Just Started Sleeping Grounded And Feel A Bit Strange. What Could That Be From?

Initially, some people may feel some temporary discomfort or even flu-like signs, aches or pains. In practically all cases, this experience is fleeting.

This effect stems from a normalization of the body’s “electrical system.” As that process gets underway, the body’s ability to release accumulated toxicity may improve and you could feel that as transient discomfort.

Typically, after some initial adjustment, those individuals start feeling better and more energized. The feeling might last a few days but it will go away. If you are uncomfortable, stop using the device for several days and then begin again for short periods of time and build up your usage. In the majority of cases, no discomfort is felt at all.

**Please note that none of the statements made here constitute medical advice in any way or make any claim or cure or recommend treatment of any medical condition. Always consult with your personal physician regarding any personal health care issues.**

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