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Can I Plug Something Into The Ground Port Of A Wall Electrical Outlet, For Example A Wire, And Wrap It Around My Ankle Or Wrist And Be Grounded?

No! Unless you are an electrician or an electrical engineer, please do not experiment with plugging anything into a electrical wall outlet. It is unsafe to plug a bare wire into an electrical ground in any case.

All of the Earthing brand products are specifically designed for safe, biological grounding. They have built-in resistors that limit the flow of current in order to prevent the unlikely possibility that electricity would flow through the connecting wire and possibly hurt someone.

They allow the Earth's natural energy to come through but not any potentially harmful electricity. In this respect, the resistor acts like a "kink" in a hose, and is built-in protection similar to the systems utilized in industry throughout the world to prevent electricity and static from damaging sensitive electronic parts. 

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