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Can I Use Your Seabuckthorn Shampoo With Hairprint®?


Similar to healthy skin, healthy hair is coated in natural oils that protect each strand and keep the hair elastic, smooth, and shiny. The scalp produces these oils in exactly the right amount to keep the hair lubricated.

Synthetic hair products, even those marketed for treated and colored hair, strip away these oils, irritate the scalp, and damage hair follicles. Some of the harsh chemicals in these products, such as sodium lauryl sulfate and oleyl betaine, can cause hair color to fade fast. Instead of the full, shiny, smooth locks promised on the bottle the result is often dull, faded, and lifeless hair.

The pure ingredients in Seabuckthorn Shampoo harmonize with the scalp and hair to provide a gentle and healing clean. The botanical oils and extracts gently lift away the day's dirt without stripping the hair's oils or drying and inflaming the scalp. The shampoo is so gentle that many people even use it as a body wash for their baby.

Here is a quick explanation of the ingredients in Seabuckthorn Shampoo:

The super-critical extract of Seabuckthorn berry is full of micro-nutrients and omega fatty acids that nourish the scalp which promotes healthy hair.
Oatstraw, nettles, coltsfoot, and horsetail are rich in proteins, nutrients, and silica, which adds resiliency to each strand and protects against breakage and split ends.
Calendula, clover, chamomile, and comfrey are conditioners that make the hair less prone to tangles and breakage and they also soothe the scalp.
Vetiver and lime oils give the hair shine. Lime is also a gentle purifier.
Sage, peppermint, grapefruit, and rosemary smell wonderful, and they also cleanse, heal, and stimulate the scalp.
Bladderwrack seaweed and Slippery elm become gelatinous when they are mixed with water. The gel holds moisture in the hair strands and this reduces fly-aways and frizz.
Yucca and coco-proteins lend suds to the mixture.
Orange wax has a fresh scent and emulsifies the ingredients.
Chickweed is really beautiful for colored hair. It keeps the pH of the hair between 5 and 8 so that the hair cuticles stay closed. If the hair pH is too high or if the cuticle is damaged then the hair strands will look and feel rough. A closed cuticle also promotes an even distribution and absorption of the hair dye.
Jojoba oil is finely textured so that it absorbs into the hair and scalp to provide needed moisture, and it is a mild cleanser when combined with herbs and essential oils.

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