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How Is This Zapper Different From Other Zappers On The Market?

The main differences are the setting options. The Longevity Zapper has 3 different frequency settings, as well as 3 different voltage settings.  
You may change the frequency of your Zapper to the following settings:
*Positive Offset Square Wave - 15 or 33Hz
*Negative Offset Square Wave - 15 or 33Hz
*Positive & Negative Offset Square Wave - 15 or 33Hz
You may change the voltage settings of your Zapper to 4, 8 or 12 Volts. 
Further information on the frequency and voltage settings are included on the Longevity Zapper product page (linked below). 
Click HERE to view the Longevity Zapper page. 
The Longevity Zapper includes a belt clip, is rechargeable for up to approximately 800-1000 charge cycles (1-3 years of battery life), and also comes with a limited 1 Year Warranty.
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