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Didn't Cover Gray/Partial Coverage of Gray

Hairprint® always works, if it can get into the hair. Here are the 5 most common reasons why Hairprint® may not have worked well on your hair:

1. Most commonly, it means Hairprint® could not access the hair. The cause is hair care products that coat and clog the hair with residue. There are a number of common chemical ingredients that build up over time on the outside of your hair. These prevent Hairprint® from entering your hair shaft. Please review the Residue Free Hair FAQ to see if your hair care products contain these ingredients and what to do if this is the case.

2. Some hairs are more non-porous than others. In general, white hair is less porous than gray. In addition, the finer hairs at the temple and sideburn area are less porous. To achieve coverage there you will want to apply baking soda during the Pretreatment process, rubbing it into the resistant hair. 

3. The gray might not have received enough Hairprint® during the application. Please review our Application Method Overview to see if you may need more product for your hair.

4. Another factor that can affect coverage is Color Selection. It is important to choose the correct Hairprint color to match your current natural color. One’s hair color is frequently darker than we realize. If you choose a lighter color than your natural color, it may not cover your grays. If you are between two colors we recommend that you select the darker shade.

5. People who are accustomed to applying hair dyes may try to apply Hairprint® in the same way. Because dyes are potent, toxic, and allergenic, stylists are trained to ‘daub’ it on carefully with the brush. That is the correct way for hair dyes but that is not the way to apply Hairprint®. You want to cover the hair thoroughly and work it in as you would a conditioner.

If Hairprint® didn’t fully color your hair, and you aren't completely sure why, we're happy to troubleshoot with you, so please get in touch with us! 

When you contact us, in order for us to help you in the best way possible, please include the following information: 

1. What percentage of your hair is gray. 

2. How long your hair is in inches.

3. What color your hair is on the Color Chart. 

4. How many Hairprint® kits you used and what application method you followed. 

6. The brand and specific name of each hair care product you use, including oils.

7. How much coverage of your gray did you receive.

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