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Can I Use Hairprint® If I Chemically Relax My Hair?

Relaxers weaken and break the natural structure and bonds of the hair. Thusly, allowing a naturally curly hair matrix to straighten. Depending on strength and chemical composition of the relaxer used, this weakening can cause hair to become prone to dryness, damage, and breakage with every relaxer treatment. We have found that using Hairprint® actually restores the bonds of hair. Once inside the hair, Hairprint® causes eumelanin proteins to link together . This provide ‘muscle’ to the hair. It will make your hair plumper, shinier, and stronger. Hair health is being restored. Because of the way that Hairprint® works, we highly recommend that if plan to relax your hair that you do so after a Hairprint® treatment and not before. If you have relaxed the hair and wish to use Hairprint®, we recommend using our transition method to ensure that your hair remains healthy and strong.

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