What's The Difference Between The Original Longevity Coffee And The New Longevity Coffee Blends?
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The Food for the Immortals® Original Longevity Coffee® beans, available in the silver 12oz and 5lb bags are available in a whole bean option only. They are a single origin bean hailing from the pristine Valley of Longevity in Ecuador, and are available in Light and Dark Roast options. Our customers report the flavor of these two coffees to be light and smooth when compared to a conventional coffee flavor.

To learn more about Food For The Immortals® Longevity Coffee, please see the following links:

Dark Roast:

Light Roast:

The new coffee line, Longevity Coffee®, in the white bag 12oz bag, is offered in a ground or whole bean option. It is also offered in whole bean, 5lb bulk bags. The new Longevity Coffee roasts are mixed origin beans, which allows for exciting new flavor profiles! These blends have a more rich and complex flavor profile due to the mixed country sourcing and taste more like a conventional coffee would.

Espresso (Medium Roast)~5 lb bag option only~ is an inspired blend of northern Sumatran and Mexican Chiapas coffees offers bittersweet chocolate flavors with notes of dulce de leche. This is a bold, smooth Italian espresso with very little-to-no oil on the bean. Creating mouthwatering crema that is thick, rich, and molten copper in color, this is certain to become an instant favorite!

Midnight Blend (Dark Roast) is a mix of beans hailing from Timor, Colombia, and Nicaragua. This intense, deep blend will be the favorite of all dark coffee lovers. It’s unforgettable, richly textured aroma has a bittersweet chocolate flavor with notes of caramel, hazelnut, and black pepper.

Roaster's Reserve (Medium Roast) is a fusion of Ethiopian and Colombian beans. This bold blend boasts flavors of old fashioned malted chocolate, ripe plum, and a melange of Silk Road spices.

Sunrise Blend (Light Roast) is a mix of Sumatra, Chiapas, and Oaxaca'n beans. The flavor profile for this blend creates a tangy start followed by a little white pepper and sweet butter caramel on the finish.

Decaffeinated (Medium-to-Dark Roast) is from Mexican Oaxaca'n coffee beans processed via a proprietary, water processed method resulting in a 99.9% caffeine free coffee (industry standard is 85%!). Incredibly smooth and well-balanced, this chemical-free decaf has the delicious taste of sweet dark fruit and finishes with notes of dark chocolate.

Find the NEW Longevity Coffee® Blends here:

Both the Original AND the New Longevity Coffees® are of the absolute highest quality! They are 100% organic and fair trade; mold and toxin free; hand picked; shade grown, coffee beans. They are the lowest chlorogenic acid level coffees available on the market today. (Chlorogenic acid is what causes the adverse side effects people associate with coffee like indigestion, heartburn, acid reflux, and headaches.)
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