When does Hairprint® Expire?
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Unopened: If the liquid packets are kept in a cool place out of sunlight and the packets remain sealed, Hairprint® should last at least a year. If you have had the product for over a year, you may check the efficacy by opening a packet of powder. If it is white, it will work. If it is pinkish (some oxidation) it will work. If it is dark, then it may not work. So far, Hairprint® testing reveals that after six months all unopened packets of powder remain white. The packets are nitrogen capped and do have some oxygen in them.

Opened: Hairprint® has approximately a 3 month shelf life after opening, if stored properly. Once opened, tightly close the packets using a clip/rubber band and then seal airtight in ziplock bags. If you have a vacuum sealer for the packets, this works even better. Store the open packets in a cool, dry, and dark place (between 55F-70F). Do not refrigerate or freeze for any reason.

Please Note: The powder may turn a brown color during storage and may not produce the vivid red/purple colors when mixed the second time, but this is normal. If powders turn a very dark brown or black color, they have oxidized heavily and/or come into contact with moisture and should be discarded. We do not offer free replacement of packets that have become damaged or lost efficacy after opening.

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