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If Hairprint® has access to the hair, it works beautifully. However, there are chemicals, compounds, and even some ingredients labeled as "natural" in today’s shampoos, conditioners, and styling products that coat and leave a buildup of residue on your hair. You need to eliminate the residue in order for Hairprint® to work. 

In order to remove the residue and pollutants on your hair, you need to wash your hair with a Clarifying shampoo immediately before applying Hairprint®. Clarifying shampoos have strong surfactants and are only to be used occasionally. If you think your hair has buildup, leave the Clarifying shampoo on for five to ten minutes, and/or wash twice. If you have buildup and only wash once, you might only make the silicone less sticky, so make sure to do the proper amount of shampooing for your amount of buildup.  

Here are some of the products, substances, and ingredients that cause buildup and block Hairprint®:

Silicones (ingredients ending cone, conol, col, or xane), polymers, oil based soap or bar soaps, glosses, serums, oil infusions/treatments (discontinue 5-7 days before Hairprint®), pomades, waxes, gels, and glazes. Otherwise, a Clarifying Shampoo, can be used immediately preceding a Hairprint treatment, to remove any residue from the ingredients/product types listed above. 

Proteins: Many shampoos and conditioners contain protein. If you are using protein infused styling products, please try to discontinue 2-3 weeks before Hairprint. Protein treatments like Keratin or Silk proteins can last for two months or more on the hair and cannot be removed with a clarifying shampoo. 

Minerals: If you have hard water (virtually all well water is hard as are many municipal waters), you will need a chelating treatment to remove the calcium (lime), magnesium and iron. Minerals create a ‘'wall" that is like a bathtub ring on your hair. Certain minerals can block Hairprint® and alter results after a treatment. We recommend Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Hair Remedy. It can be used preceding a Hairprint® treatment. 

Use Hairprint® Chelating Shampoo immediately before a Hairprint® treatment! It functions just like a Clarifying Shampoo. 

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