How Do I Charge My Zapper?
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To charge the Longevity Zapper, use the USB cable that came with the unit. Insert the one end (mini-B) into the mating connector on the side of the unit. Plug the other end (USB-A) into a computer USB port or 5VDC charging adaptor. When connected, the LEDs on the right side of the Longevity Zapper should sequence. This means the Zapper is charging.

After about eight hours you may note that only two lights are sequencing, this is normal and it indicates that the unit is now in a lower-level charging mode. The Zapper is mostly charged after about 8 hours of charging. After about sixteen hours of charge the lights will go out indicating the completion of the charging cycle. 

Important: Do not unplug the Zapper until the lights go out indicating the completion of the charging cycle. The charging cycle on the Zapper is on a timed system. Once you plug in the Zapper, the timed cycle begins. If you interrupt the charge cycle by unplugging the USB cord before the timed charge cycle is done, when you plug the USB back in, the cycle will start again from the beginning. 
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